​800 CarHire

At 800CarHire.com everything we do is about giving you the freedom to discover more. We’ll move mountains to find you the right rental car, and bring you a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish. Here you can find out more about how we work.

​ What we're about?

We want to make renting a car as simple and personal as driving your own. Renting a car brings you freedom, and we’ll help you find the right car for you at a great price. But there’s much more to us than that. We're here to make renting a car a lot less hassle.

​We know the service you receive matters

So we use real reviews, genuine customer feedback and our own experience to guide you through your best options.

​ We work with car hire companies all over the world

From household names to small local specialists – to bring you the cars, choices and deals that make the difference to your trip.

​ And we stay with you every step of the way

Our customer team is here to support you through your trip, wherever and whenever you need extra help.

How we work?

Making sure you have a great experience every time you rent a car makes us happy.
We are a broker, so we arrange the car rental on your behalf. We use our massive buying power to bring you great deals. But we’re way more than a price comparison site, because we stay with you every step of the way.

​ ​Search

You search our site or our app for the car you want

​ Compare

We show you the deals and reviews you need to help you choose.

​ ​Book

You pick the car you want, add any extras you’d like – such as Full Protection (our extra cover) or a car seat – and book

​ You're all set

We confirm your booking with the car hire company you chose, and confirm everything back to you

​ Pick up your car

You take the voucher (on paper or on your app), your credit card, driving licence and passport to pick up your car

​ Have a fantastic trip

You drive away and start discovering…

​ Enjoy our support

We’re here 24/7 to support you – before, during and after your trip

​Why use us?

In simple terms, because we bring you unbeatable value and peace of mind throughout your rental car journey.
We use all our experience – and the experiences of millions of our customers – to bring you the car you need and the quality of service you want. Always at the best price. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what real people think about 800carhire.com.

Who we are?

Our founders had the simple idea of wanting to make renting cars much better. And we’ve flourished because our customers love how we work.
We started in 2015 as Car Rentals UAE. Three years later, we were making 100 bookings a day. In 2017, we acquired and merged with 800 carhire.com.
Fast forward to today and we’re making close to 100K bookings a year (and counting) across UAE location.
Our amazing growth relies on our fantastic team. We are 12 colleagues from 7 nations and we’re all based in Dubai, UAE.
We’re proud to be part of the leading family of online travel brands in the world.

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